We are the alumni of Sarasota High School. 

This is our School.  This is our community.

We are working with Ringling College of Art and Design to transform the historic Sarasota High School into Sarasota’s first museum of modern and contemporary art, the Sarasota Museum of Art (SMOA) and Visual Arts Education Center.

We, the alumni of Sarasota High School have decided to make our mark on this wonderful project by sponsoring and naming the Auditorium.  Thereby, the title “SHS Alumni Auditorium” will forever ensure our alma mater’s connection to the architectural and educational heritage of this landmark which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.  Imagine the tagline, “The Old SHS Building Keeps on Teaching!”

To date, a little over $20,000,000 of the needed $22 million has been raised towards the entire project, but...if SMOA does not raise the full $22 million the project will go away.  Dreams will be lost.  This wonderful opportunity for our community will vanish.

We, the SHS Alumni, need to raise a total of $2.5 million for this auditorium naming opportunity. So far, we have raised almost $500,000 towards the SHS Alumni Auditorium portion of the project.  This is where the alumni come in and we have BIG NEWS!! Click here to find out how you can EASILY help us meet our goal!

This IS our school.  Now is the time for ALL classes to work together, form a group, pool resources, gather your class and seize the day.

This is our time!  Help us Help SMOA!

Our NEW logo!
Our NEW logo!
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