1. What does SMOA stand for?
Sarasota Museum of Art
2. How many years were classes held in the Old Building?
1926 - 1998
3. Where will the SHS Auditorium be located within the building and what used to be there when we were attending classes there?
The auditorium will be at the south end on the first and second floor. Alumni will remember it as a hallway and the classrooms of Mrs. Repulski and Mama Deal.

This multi-purpose, 110 seat auditorium will be able to accomodate a wide varity of educational programs, events, and gatherings of all types.
4. What kinds of events will be held in the Auditorium?
Any and all!
5. How do I arrange a tour of the facility?
Call Tom Koski at 941-927-2621
6. How much will our project cost?
The SHS Alumni Auditorium is $2.5 million, total project is $22 Million
7. How much has been donated so far?
To date, more than $17 million for the total project and close to $500,000 for the SHS Auditorium.
8. How do I make a donation?
Call Tom Koski at 941-927-2621 or Click here to donate
9. What if I am not able to be a big donor...what are other options for giving?
Click Here to Donate
10. When will the project be completed?
We are aiming for 2015
11. How can my graduating class help with fundraising?
Organize and pool donations for recognition levels; Organize tours the the Old Building during your class reunions, and email or FaceBook your classmates about our project. We can do this, Sailors!